About College




The college was set off after the majestic decision of merging King Saud university branch with Al Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic university branch together to have the eighth Saudi university as one of the governmental universities given the name of King Khalid University by his majesty the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

The college started within the college of Medicine based on the first restructuring decision for King Khalid University issued by the council of higher education in its fifteenth session numbered 8/15/1420 in 1/2/1420 H which then been approved by the majestic decision 7/B/4096 in 14/3/1420 H.  In 1424 H the higher education council decision numbered 6/30/1424 in its thirtieth session dated 22/4/1424 H changed the name of the college into Medicine college, also it was approved to launch the college of applied medical sciences. This decision was crowned by majestic approval numbered 7/B/43206 in 9/9/1424 H. And based on this decision the launched college have 7 scientific departments.

Based on this decision now the college is composed of six scientific different departments.


To be a leader College at the national and regional level in achieving the excellence of knowledge, high quality research and community services in the field of Applied Medical Sciences.


To provide an academic environment for high-quality education, develop state-of-the-art techniques and encourage creative visions to ensure the excellence and quality of research and services to the community in the fields of applied medical sciences.



  1. Preparation of distinguished manpower with professional and research skills to be able to compete and fulfill needs in the market of applied medical sciences.
  2. Effective contribution to the enrichment of medical scientific research on the regional, national and international levels
  3. Effective contribution in development of laboratory diagnosis, health-enrichment, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and community services
  4. Collaboration with other health institutions in planning and implementation of health programs.
  5. Supporting the communication with the college alumni to aware them with latest in the field of applied medical sciences
  • Commitment
  • Fidelity
  • Cooperation
  • Proficiency
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Respect