About Department

Department of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) came into existence in October 2016 as a separate department under the umbrella of College of Applied Medical Science (CAMS) at King Khalid University Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Objective of the department is to provide innovative academic, Administrative and research services to its associate department by adopting a didactic strategy stands on problem-based learning, self-directed, student-centered, community-based, and community-oriented education. Department will offer services in the area of Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Informatics, Bio Technology, Anatomy, Physiology, Bio Statistics, Medical Ethics and Research.


Excellence in Basic Medical Science Education and Research


To achieve global leadership in Basic Medical Sciences by developing innovative teaching pedagogy, quality research skills, professional conduct and social responsibilities

  1. Enhancement of carrier oriented course curriculum in basic medical sciences.
  2. Encourage professional development among staff and students.
  3. Elevation of e-education, m-education and use of technology in medical education.
  4. Embolden community health, training and research.
  5. Establishment of academic partnership with local, national and global organizations.

High Ethical Standards and Professionalism

We expect our faculty, staff and students to demonstrate the highest ethical standards, integrity, accountability and professionalism in their conduct.

Leadership and Teamwork

We aim to enhance leadership skills and individual responsibility by conducting work in an interdisciplinary teamwork atmosphere.

High Quality and Excellence

We expect our faculty, staff and students to be committed to the highest standards of quality in education, research, healthcare services and administration.

Relevance and Accountability

We encourage our faculty, staff and students to be responsive to the needs of our community by addressing priority health problems.

Scientific Creativity

We encourage the development of new ideas in education, research, healthcare and administration.


We encourage all stakeholders to act with clarity.