Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

KKU provided Global Education and concern of efficient performance

In  2019 King Khaled University has been achieving a lot in various fields, administrative, academic and education, besides the Social responsibility, educational environment and Women's empowerment. The university achievements coincides  the university's vision, mission and goals, including efficiency of the administrative system, Development of the university Organizational structure to reach the  performance efficiency and innovate number of administrative units As well as reorganizing the linkage of some parties in order to Promote development and inclusiveness. In the quality of academic programs, 9programs were accredited by ABET and by National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, In addition to preparing 14 academic programs for accreditation, the development of 87 academic programs in postgraduate  studies and BA degree within the university project "Wakeb", moreover opening 3 new  PhD programs, 4 higher diploma programs, 7 master's programs, and a Bachelor program, in addition to creating 11 accredited and classified diplomas and  the Authorization of 321 scientific research. Furthermore, in the globalization of education and  scientific research, 1158 scholarship students from 65 countries has been taught. Sign  8 International  cooperation contract with international universities . Establishing 39 scientific conferences and symposia. The percentage of published researche increased upto 70% in contrast to 2018 with 2707 researches. The percentage of scientific references increased up to 50% in contrast to  2018 with 7588 reference.    In YouTube's Open Courses channel 20 courses has published with More than 200 thousand subscribers from all over the world.   KKU Climbed to higher levels with the new decisions and development. ​​And in the social responsibility, 351 activities were presented to serve the local community with more than 48260  Beneficiary, also contributing to local development through 67 research and consulting studies and 63 agreements and partnerships with the government and the private sector, furthermore raise the contribution in blood drive for Decisive Storm in Southern border With more than 200 contributor from university employees. In The educational environment, KKU Speeding up the completion of the university city project in Al-Qara'a through the establishment of a special housing office, and the appointment of a general supervisor preparing for the gradual transition , And the completion of the buildings of Science and Arts college in Mahayel and Meajardh  bwsides the University administration building in Tehama , in addition to, recommendation to approve the establishment of a new college in Al-Harjah. In Human resource, KKU held 248 training courses benefited 5,520 academics and administrators in general and specialized skills, and finishing the strategic planning initiative for the professional development of faculty members to lead development inside and outside the university, in addition to appointing 177  Saudi academic staff and 13 from families of martyrs of duty. And in The internship, The university has trained 163 students from all disciplines internationally, in United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. To meet Saudi 2030 vision KKU Building human capacities, empowering women And increasing the awareness of future skills And to create safe and health environment; The University presented sports activities , events, and awareness and health programs for the university's students, academics, and administrators including : walking events, blood drive, the  initiative of eliminate visual distortion  And provided more than 95867 medical services, benefiting 22435. To enhance earning through activities, the university  innovated 4students club and presented 92activities in addition to 25students participated in international conferences and competitions, They received 25 awards. And the great attention was for digital transition including  the development of online education platforms : "kku now" platform and "kkux" reinforcing by seminars and "mooc" programs on artificial intelligence, , Entrepreneurship, Design, Programming, Chinese Language, Cyber ​​Security, etc., and 26 thousand beneficiaries of the university’s platforms from different countries of the world, in addition to innovated a 50 electronic services including: Create a game club and its apps, programing club, Establish a "Twaik" camp to teach children programming, Providing more than 50 training hours to develop and program electronic games, 1600  beneficiary From games development programs and courses. The university involved women in decision-making through chairmanship most administrative and scientific committees, in addition to appointing her in leadership positions, complete administrative leaders women preparation  , through 8 programs with  55 female leaders.

CAMS Secured First Position on E-Prints and Second Position on Best Researcher Category

College of Applied Medical Science - Abha, secured first position in E-Prints during the assessment period of 15/01 - 15/02/2018 among all the Colleges of the King Khalid University. In the best researcher category Dr. Raghu Jetti (Anatomist) from department of Basic Medical Science, College of Applied Medical Science grab the second position for the assessment period of 15/01/2018 - 15/02/2018. It will be a source of motivation for all academician and researcher to actively participate in research activities to achieve one of the important objectives of the King Khalid University.