Name Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh Sulaiman Almudhi
Academic Position Assistant Professor
Specialty Speech Language Pathology
Subspecialty Fluency Disorders
Scientific qualifications and certificates

PhD: Clnical Language Sciences, Reading University, UK

Master: Clinical Communication Disorders, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Bachelor: Speech Pathology and Audiology, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Administrative positions Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs and Training
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Achieve excellence in community services through various clinics in the college also find appropriate ways in which that will seek to raise the efficiency of college graduate students through their training in the best hospitals to improve the linkage between academic studies and practice in hospitals


Produce skilled graduates who are qualified to work in various medical specialties and are able to deal with the medical team in ethical way and high profession.


  • Provide community services to serve the community through the vital and important role played in by different clinics provided by the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in different specialties.
  • Action Coordination between internship Office and internship committee within the academic departments to provide seats in different hospitals for graduate college students to complete their internship period in best hospitals and overcome the obstacles they face during the internship period.
  • Work with Internship committees and college departments to coordinate training in hospitals to ensure that students achieved goals for the year of internship.
  • Work on providing more seats for internship students through advising committees within academic departments to communicate with hospitals to provide those seat.
  • Work to solve any problems internship students may encounter during the period of their training in hospitals.


Office Telephone Number

+966 (0)17 241 8591, Ext : 8591

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