Name Dr. Hussain M. AlMohiy
Academic Position Professor
Specialty Radiology
Subspecialty Computed Tomography (CT)
Scientific qualifications and certificates

PhD (2012) in CT Scan Technology, Royal Melbourne University of Technology, Australia

Master (2007) in Radiological Sciences (MSc-MI), Curtin University of Technology,


Administrative positions

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

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  1. Coordination with faculty units in all relevant fields.
  2. Presiding of the committees of the Agency and report to the concerned authorities.
  3. Supervising the follow-up of the conditions of the college graduates abroad.
  4. Supervising requests for postponement and apology for non-study, as well as deletions, additions and lists of deprivation in accordance with the regulations and decisions issued in this regard.
  5. To submit periodic reports to the Dean of the College on the progress of work in his units and in accordance with the tasks entrusted to him and the difficulties he faces.
  6. Supervising the units of his agency.
  7. Follow-up updating the College's website with regard to its agency and its administrative units.
  8. Encouraging the establishment of distinguished scientific journals or research excellence centers.
  9. Prepare and review the plans of the academic programs of the Department as necessary.
  10. Maintain effective communication between students, faculty and presidents within the department and with other academic unit staff.
  11. Work as a liaison with relevant professional associations, regulatory agencies and national agencies.
  12. Ensure that management policies and practices are consistent with those of the university.
  13. Working with chairpersons to encourage grant applications by faculty members and preparing external funding proposals for private projects; and additional responsibilities assigned to the Vice President for Academic Affairs or Chair.
  14. Oversee all personnel matters involving academic and non-academic staff including: recruitment, appointment, reappointment; termination and dismissal faculty assessment, acquisition, promotion and merit
  15. Implementing the duties assigned by the Dean of the College


It is my pleasure to invite you to explore this website that leads you through various specializations, departments and programs that the College of Applied Medical Sciences offers. The main aims of the College is to fulfill the needs of the community at local, national and international   level with specialized graduates in the fields of Applied Medical Sciences. The College of Applied Medical Sciences are offering three specialized program namely Graduate program in Radiology, Medical Rehabilitation and Medical Laboratory Sciences. We are offering both Academic and Clinical  training to the students to make them globally advanced and trained manpower in the field of Applied Medical Sciences.


Upgrading the academic teaching and learning system to academic programs and academic and educational development in the college according to the best local and international standards.


Providing a distinguished educational environment that provides educational services to students to achieve the aspirations of the labor market through the development of academic programs and outputs according to the standards of academic accreditation.


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