World Autism Day on 2nd April at Department of Physical Therapy

The Female Students of Medical Rehabilitation Department from level 7 and 8 visited the Child Development Center for Rehabilitation of Persons with Special Needs in Khamis Mushait, represented by the Head of the Department of Girls Section A. Batool, and coordinator for student activity. Ghada Qora with official invitation of the center, where a number of specialists of the Center specialized in autism disorder of the child lectures on how to identify the disease, early detection of the situation, how to deal with, address In the specialized clinics and care at home, and there we met some mothers of infected children registered in the center, and the scientific material provided was very useful to attend. At the end of the program, the administration of the center presented certificates of appreciation to the faculty members present and accompanied them and the students for a tour in the units of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and children's classes. The importance of continuous communication between King Khalid University represented by the Department of Physical Therapy and Child Development Center for the rehabilitation of people special needs.

In continuation of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) at King Khalid University, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Medical Rehabilitation Science Department students and staff conducted awareness program for disability in Oasis Mall, Abha. To promote the rights, awareness and well-being of persons with disabilities. The participants were provided with a wealth of information about overcoming and managing disabilities.  Students also treated and discussed about solutions adopted in the field of physical therapy practice to overcome disability and about the programs and facilities provided by the King Khalid University for achieving changes in the challenges faced by people with disabilities and their families by inspiring jobs and innovations.
The Dean of the College Dr. Khalid Al Ahmari, Vice Dean of the College Dr. Hussain Al Mohiy Welcomes all Staff and students in the second semester of academic year 1439-1440 (H).
International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) was initiated in 1992, with the recommendation of United Nations General Assembly resolution. It is celebrated on December 3rd every year. King Khalid University makes sure to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. The University has made notable and noble initiatives to increase the awareness and societal benefits for the disabled, under the Medical Rehabilitation department, Physical Therapy and Speech pathology and Audiology therapy participated along with the home for the disabled and the event was organized by the special need center of our university. The participants were provided with a wealth of information about overcoming and managing disabilities. The main aim of such initiatives is to augment the creation of awareness and conscientization as well as to manage the facilities and opportunities that are regularly provided to the variably abled by the University.
College of Applied Medical Science - Abha has participated in workshop on the title of "Question Bank" organised by the Measurement and Evaluation Centre, King Khalid University on Thursday November 22, 2018. Nominated faculty staff from various department has participated in the workshop. Dr. Mohamed Adam, College coordinator of measurement and evaluation with its unit member i.e. Dr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam, Dr. Rajagopalan Parsanna and Dr. Jayashankar Tedla and two voluntry participation from the college staff i.e. Dr. Raghu Jetti from Basic Medical Science department and Dr. Ravishankar Reddy from Medical Rehabilitation department has participated during the workshop.