University Participates in International Conference On the Role of Saudi Universities in Protecting Youth

Dr. Ameen Ghamaz, Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Science and Arts at King Khalid University, participated in a study on the contribution of the Islamic Culture Courses at King Khalid University to the development of societal modest thinking at the international conference, "The Duty of Saudi Universities and Their Impact on Protecting Youth from Groups, Parties and Deviations." The conference was organized by Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University and took place at the Conference Building in the University City under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, may God protect him, in the presence of a number of Rectors and officials, and the participation of more than one hundred scholars from different Arab and Islamic countries. The conference was held earlier last week.


The Dean and Vice Dean at the College of Applied Medical Science welcomes its Students, teaching and non teaching staff on very first day i.e. August 27, 2018 (G) / 16/12/1439 (H) of a new academic year 1439-1440 (H).
The Final Theory Examination at College of Applied Medical Science will be conducted during May 01, 2018 to May 15, 2018. We hope for the smooth conduction of examination and wishing all students from various departments of the college a very best of luck for their examination.
With the approval of His Excellency Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Ranala Al Salami and in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs. In accordance with the vision of the General Directorate of Information Technology, the importance of community participation to serve the university staff and the students in the technical field specifically and in accordance with the university's strategic plan and to contribute to the digital transformation in its different fields , And is in line with the National Transition Plan 2020 and the vision of the Kingdom 2030, which focuses on the rehabilitation of the human element and investment in it to achieve the vision. The transformation of the knowledge economy is based primarily on the existence of a knowledge society capable of innovation, sharing and effective communication. As the electronic games market is one of the largest and most influential knowledge markets in the world with the means of social communication, design, development, programming, dissemination of culture and knowledge, awareness raising and close association with the field of information technology, the administration has decided to establish a student club in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs These goals are commensurate with his vision, mission and goals. Games and applications Is a central student club that cares about the activities related to electronic games and its uses, and seeks to create a knowledge-aware society in the fields of electronic games, through the technical field to contribute to the achievement of the strategic plan of the university and the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030. It also contributes to the development of intellectual and mental abilities and cognitive and practical processes such as critical and creative thinking, teamwork, leadership, effective communication skills, planning, problem solving skills, technical skills, etc. for club members and employees. The club is affiliated with the General Directorate of Information Technology.   Vision To create and empower a student community interested in the field of electronic games and their applications at the university.   Mission To contribute to the development of a knowledge society in electronic games and their uses, development and programming, and to develop the thinking and innovation skills of the club members.   Main Objective Establishing a specialized club in electronic games in various fields to contribute to training, qualification and development of the skills of its employees. Sub Objectives Spreading the culture of electronic games between university students and their role in the field of learning and thinking. Contribute to the achievement of the mission of the university and support the vision of the Kingdom 2030 in the field of technology and the field of electronic games and intelligence. Artificial to support the economy of technology and knowledge. To form a qualified technical team to participate in local and international electronic games competitions. Engaging in partnerships and benefiting from different experiences such as the Saudi Federation of Electronic and Intellectual Sports and participation in       Activities. To create the technical environment necessary for the implementation of activities related to electronic games and their applications, and to support interested and interested In this area. Contribute to the discovery, support and guidance of talent in the field of electronic games and the dissemination of the spirit of cooperation, and development of capabilities Innovation and thinking, and the social and ethical side of electronic games. Developing cultural and educational applications in the university.   Terms of Membership  To be a member of the university students and students and be interested in the field of electronic games and applications.  To actively participate in the various activities and activities of the club. To register and join (click here)
Teacher Students Ratio is considered as one of the important academic quality parameters to deliver quality education. College of Applied Medical Science (CAMS) teacher students ratio varies significantly from department to department. As compared to the Average teacher students ratio (12.2) at Health Science College of King Khalid University, The CAMS average teacher students ratio is 17 which seems to be very higher. Male and Female average students ration is also very high as compared to the Health Science College at King Khalid University.
The Unit of Measurement and Evaluation at College of Applied Medical Science organized a workshop on "ANALYSIS OF TEST RESULT: JUSTIFICATION AND APPLICATION" in cooperation with center of Measurement and Evaluation at King Khalid University on Monday, April 09, 2018. The Workshop started witht he welcome note address by the Vice Dean for Development & Quality Dr. Abdulrahim Hakkami followed by The Objective, Mission, Vision and Strategy by Dr. Rajagopalan Parsanna. Dr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam has presented how to make analysis of results, what are the requirements, How to use SPSS for analysis of results, How to submit reports at the end of exam etc. The program ended with Question & Answer session. Female faculty has participated in the workshop through video conferencing.