Vice Dean for Academics



Dr. Hussain M. AlMohiy

Academic Position

Associate Professor


Diagnostic Radiology


Computed Tomography (CT)

Scientific qualifications and certificates

PhD (2012) in CT Scan Technology, Royal Melbourne University of Technology, Australia

Master (2007) in Radiological Sciences (MSc-MI), Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Administrative positions

Vice Dean: Academics



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  • Coordinating the assessment and development of academic programs within the Radiological Sciences Department.

  • Preparing and revising, as necessary, academic program plans for the department.

  • Promoting and serving as a model for teaching professional achievement and professional service.

  • Overseeing all personnel matters involving academic and non-academic employees including: recruitment, appointment, re-appointment; termination and dismissal; faculty evaluation, tenure, promotion and merit; and the preparation and approval(s) of faculty workload plans and long-range professional development plans.

  • Maintaining good working relationships with faculty and administration in all academic and non-academic areas.

  • Communicating effectively with various constituencies within the University, surrounding community and government agencies.

  • Maintaining effective communication between students, faculty and Chairs within the department and with other academic unit personnel.

  • Serving as a liaison with relevant professional associations and state and national regulatory and accrediting agencies.

  • Ensuring that departmental policies and practices are consistent with those of the University.

  • Articulating the budgetary needs of the School/College and overseeing the allocation and expenditure of resources.

  • Coordinating the use of facilities assigned to the department.

  • Overseeing the preparation of class schedules and complying with institutional reporting requirements.

  • Providing a system of advising

  • Working with Chairs to encourage grant applications by faculty members and to prepare proposals for outside funding of special projects; and Additional responsibilities as assigned by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or President


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