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Name Dr. Khalid A. Alahmari
Academic Position Professor
Specialty Medical Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy
Subspecialty Consultant: Vestibular Rehabilitation
Academic Qualification PhD
Administrative Positions Dean - College of Applied Medical Sciences
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It is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni to the College of Applied Medical Sciences. I hope you will take some time to learn about our undergraduate programs that cover Thirteen health-related fields.  College of Applied Medical Sciences offers an unlimited vista of challenge and opportunity for our students, faculty members, and academic and clinical partners inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We at the College of Applied Medical Sciences work assiduously to improve our educational programs to provide appropriate preparation for our students. We aim to improve to provide our students the innovative training they need to ensure and promote the health and well-being of individuals and populations alike.  Our goal for our students that they become recognized healthcare professionals sought after by top employers and Hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are engaged in academic activities that will continue to provide basis for advancing knowledge and practice among Colleges of Applied Medical Sciences.


Office Telephone Number 0172417743   (Extn: 7743)


Secretariat of the Dean 0172417712  (Extn: 7712)