Name Mohamed Saeed Mohamed Almahjari
Designation Administrative Officer / Manager


Office Telephone Number 7999


  1. Application of the administrative and financial regulations and regulations of the university or the Deanship
  2. Notification of the Deanship of faculty members and staff members on the direct recruitment of all staff in the cases of recruitment, promotion, transport, commissioning and contracting, as well as in cases of termination of their work from the College for any reason
  3. Follow up the implementation of the administrative work of the units affiliated with the college or the Deanship
  4. Supervising the good functioning of the work and its development in the administration
  5. Follow-up all work related to requests (financial and administrative) for faculty members, employees and non-Saudi contractors in the college or the Deanship, as well as follow-up requests of non-Saudi contractors in respect of passports (residence, visas and tickets)
  6. Organizing the regular leave for the employees of the college or the Deanship from the administrators, technicians, employees and workers, and follow up the vacations of the rest of the staff of the college or the Deanship after the approval of their immediate supervisors
  7. To contact the competent authorities to repair the emergency work that occurs in the college or the Deanship and assign those who need to follow up
  8. Follow-up of the financial affairs and the terms of reference for the Department
  9. Follow up the speed of securing the purchases of the college or the Deanship of office, technical and educational supplies with the relevant authorities
  10. Follow up the maintenance and cleanliness of the facilities of the college or the Deanship with the relevant authorities and develop plans to follow up the maintenance and installation
  11. Follow up the distribution of offices in the college and coordinate the programs of using the halls of the scientific seminars to allow for good use and follow up the preparation and processing of classrooms and supervise the maintenance periodically
  12. Follow-up security and safety
  13. Coordinating with the relevant departments within the faculty and the university in the jurisdiction and scope of the administration
  14. Prepare the annual report and the periodic reports of the work of the administration and its affiliated units and submit it to the dean of the college or dean of the Deanship
  15. Executing the tasks assigned by the Dean