E- Learning Committee

Third meeting of E-Learning for Academic Year (1436 – 1437) (H) was conducted at meeting room of College of Applied Medical Science on Wednesday December 16, 2015 at 10:00 am onwards to discuss on the following agenda of E-Learning of the College of Applied Medical Sciences King Khalid University, Abha.

The agenda of the meeting were as under:

  1. Review of Blended course implementation during semester one
  2. Re framing the committee and its members.
  3. Review of QM Rubric Workshop (Online) Attended by the committee members.
  4. Blended Course Implementation from second semester for all faculties. (Possibility, Awareness, Benefits and limitations, Registration).
  5. E-Learning One day Workshop during second semester on QM Rubric.
  6. Any other Agenda with the permission of chair

Following members were present during meeting:

  1. Dr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam
  2. Mr. Mustafa Jafar
  3. Dr. Ravi Shankar Reddy
  4. Dr. Mohammed Saaduddin
  5. Mr. Firdous Hussain

Following members were absent with prior intimation:

  1. Dr. Shami Ben Hadj Albacheer

Following members were absent without any intimation:

  1. Dr. Shaimaa Abdul Hamid


The Meeting was started according to the agenda of the meeting which has already been circulated through e-mail prior to one week to the every members of E-Learning.

1. Review of Blended course implementation by committee members during first semester of Academic Year 1436-1437 (H).

Blended Course implementation has been discussed by the committee members who have started blended course activity during the first semester. Mr. Mustafa Jafar from Radiology department have uploaded audio lecture as one of the component of blended course and actively participated on discussion board. His experience was excellent during first semester and he wants to continue the blended course activity in the second semester also. Dr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam has also shared his experience of blended course implementation during first semester. He has used take home assignment through blackboard without any grades. He has uploaded You Tube Video as blended course activity related to his courses. He will continue the blended course in second semester also.

If any faculty staff wants to start blended course then they need to apply either directly to the deanship of E-Learning or to the E-Learning Coordinator at College of Applied Medical Sciences. All the committee members will create awareness about the Blended course and their benefits to their respective department faculty staff.

Following are the activity we have done as blended course activity

  1. Interacted Students through Discussion Board
  2. Uploaded Self recorded Audio Lecture for Students
  3. Uploaded You Tube Video Lecture for Students
  4. Take Home Assignment without any grades
  5. Online Demonstration Quizzes
  6. Presentation by the Students on Selected Topics

All these activities we have started during first semester without any assessment because for initial blended course assessment is not compulsory.

2. Re framing the committee and its members

It has been unanimously decided that chairman of the E-Learning committee will write a letter to the members who are not participating willingly in e-learning activity from the beginning and ask their willingness to work in this committee with the deadline. If the members is willing to work actively chance will be given otherwise remove that member from committee.

Following are the Attendance of members during E-Learning Meeting. Total 09 meeting have been conducted from the last year to December 20, 2015.

Sr. No.

Name of Faculty



Dr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam



Dr. Mohammed Saduddin



Dr. Ravi Shankar Reddy



Dr. Sami Al Bacheer



Dr. Shaimaa Abdulhameed



Mr. Mustafa Jafar



Mr. Firdous Hussain



Even Dr. Shaimaa and Dr. Mohammad Saduddin are not communicating anything related to the e-learning. She was unable to respond email even since long time.

3. Review of QM Rubric Workshop (Online) Attended by the committee members.

King Khalid University has arranged Two Week QM Rubric Workshop online from United State of America for the members of E-Learning Committee of the different colleges. From our college six members have registered and three members Dr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam, Dr. Ravi Shankar Reddy and Dr. Irfan Ahmed have completed successfully and got Certificate of Completion with more than 90% Score.

This workshop was related to Course Design Completely like How to write Objective for the Course and objective for the particular lecture. How to Select contents of power point, How to draft Learning Outcomes and Objectives, How to draft Questions for Exam, How to select reading material for the course and how to make exam etc.

These all components are important for each faculty staff and even it would be better for NCAAA Accreditation in near future. We need to evaluate our course description according the guideline given by QP Rubric and even we can take certification of our course design.

4. Blended Course Implementation from second semester for all faculties. (Possibility, Awareness, Benefits and limitations, Registration).

It will be optional for the faculty staff other than e-learning committee members but off course committee members will create awareness among the faculty staff and motivate them towards adoption of blended course in near future.

5. E-Learning One day Workshop during second semester on QM Rubric.

QM Rubric workshop on Course Design is essential for our faculty staff and hence E-Learning committee is recommending the same Workshop for all staff (Male Only) during the first week of Second Semester.


Proposed Day and Date

Wednesday January 20, 2015

Proposed Venue

Hall 85 Building A

Total Participants

Max – 30

Registration Criteria

First Come First Serve


Mohsin Raza Khan



  1. Booking of Hall 85 Building A
  2. Tea, Snacks and Lunch for the Participants
  3. Certificate for the Participants
  4. Mementos and Certificate for Facilitator or Experts


6. Any other Agenda with the permission of chair

In any other Agenda Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam has raised the future activity issues. He has shared his thought like personal counseling of faculty staff weekly regarding E-Learning activity and Blackboard related issues. Every member agreed upon this strategy and will make it more scientific during next meeting of e-learning committee. It will be started from Second Semester Academic Year 1436-1437 (H).

 Meeting ends with a vote of thanks by the chair.