Research Committee

Research Committee Report



Actively contribute to goals of a research through generating, integrating, disseminating and using knowledge for the development and promotion of:

  1. Evidence based research practices
  2. Educational and health care policies and practices
  3. Innovative/creative and cost effective models for inter/intra professional practices and betterment of the community.
  4. Safe, high quality, cost-effective health care delivery systems



The mission of the College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Khalid University is to educate and support students and staff in the discipline of scientific research. In fulfilling its mission, the committee provides programs, which are grounded in recognition and learning of sound scientific writing, critical analysis and presentation. The committee follows itself to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, endeavouring to achieve the excellence expected of an organization. Members of the Research Committee will work without discrimination to achieve the mission of the college.



The role of the committee is to provide a suitable research infrastructure, facilitate multidisciplinary research excellence and encourage the broader involvement of faculty, staff, and students in research activities. Develop and support existing and emerging research strengths to maintain a "high performance work culture" which promotes the research and research-education interests of the college and foster the highest quality of research and research-education.



The Committee shall comprise of the following:

Dr. Irfan Ahmad                                                               (Chairman)

Assistant Professor of Microbiology,

Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences,

Dr. Mohammad Adam                                                      (Member)

Assistant Professor,

Department of Radiology,

Dr. Gaffar Sarwar Zaman                                                   (Member)

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry,

Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences,

Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Mir                                                     (Member)

Assistant Professor of Microbiology,

Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences,

Dr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam                                             (Member)

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics,

Department of Medical Rehabilitation Sciences,

Dr. Snehil Dixit                                                                   (Member)

Assistant Professor,

Department of Medical Rehabilitation Sciences,

Dr. Irshad Ahmad                                                                (Member)


Department of Medical Rehabilitation Sciences,



Reform of the research committee

In the mid of second semester the research committee was reformed.


Two meetings were conducted in this academic year, one was on 12th March 2015 from 01:00 to 03:30 pm and second was on 26th May 2015 from 01:00 to 03:00 pm.

Achieved during this year

  1. Duties and responsibilities of the Research Committee

A guideline on “Duties and responsibilities of the Research Committee” has been prepared and approved by Research Committee.

The duties and responsibilities of the Research Committee are to:

  1. Promote research and research education within the University.
  2. Advise, formulate recommendations and provide information to the College Board on research, research-education, policies, guidelines and procedures.
  3. Monitor and review the performance of research, research-education and research plan.
  4. Develop and monitoring the criteria, including metrics and proxies, to measure institutional research performance and the success of research initiatives.
  5. Advise and make recommendations to departmental research committees on faculty research strategic plans, other research and research-education issues.
  6. Oversee, monitor and provide recommendations on infrastructures supporting research and research-education, including institutes and centres establishment, annual reports, strategic plans and regular reviews of the institutes and centres.
  7. Inform the college board on research issues through the dissemination of minutes of meetings or other appropriate methods.
  8. Encourage and monitor the early career researchers by the faculties.
  9. Be responsible for the planning and policy development relating to the improvement of the research activities.
  10. Give suggestion the College Board on issues of research and research education policies.
  11. Update the faculty regarding internal/external funding sources.
  12. Encourage faculty to take initiative in developing proposals for funding research projects through conducting seminar/workshop in college at regular basis.
  13. Encourage faculty involvement in multi-disciplinary research projects and activities.
  14. Review and advice college board on professional development needs for faculty and staff related to applied research activities.


  1. The Committee shall meet at least once a month.
  2. The Chairman shall preside all the meetings. However, in the event of his absence, the committee members shall choose a member to preside the meeting.
  3. Minutes of the meeting should be formulated by the chairman. The soft copy of the minutes of meeting should be sent to all member for review. Any comments/suggestions will be entertained within 5 working days.
  4. In case of any urgent meeting, comments/suggestions will be entertained within 48 hours.


  1. After each meeting the committee shall submit a copy of the minutes of the meeting to the Dean, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Chairman of all departments.
  2. The Committee will make recommendations on matters that require the approval of Dean, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.


SOPs of ethics committee

Standard Operating Procedures of Ethics Committee has been prepared and approved by research committee and submitted to the Dean for implementation from the next academic year. Once it will be implemented, ethical approval will be mandatory before the start of the work for all the projects of staff and students. Besides, those projects, which are going on without ethical approval should submit their projects to ethics committee for approval.


Decide to organize the workshop on “Statistical Analysis”

A workshop on “Statistical Analysis” will be organized in the next academic year.


Setting up of the Core Facility for Research at College

A proposal of Core Facility for Research has been submitted to Dean. The aim of this proposal is to specify a space for the core equipments of the college, so that faculties interested in research can use them conveniently. The activities performed in the college will boost the awareness and enthusiasm of the college faculties and students towards the advanced research and studies.


Conduct the weekly seminar series

A weekly series of seminars will be conducted in the college, wherein a faculty can present his research data. If the data is not sufficient, a grant proposal or a research paper related to his field of interest can be presented.