Mission, Vision, Objectives ans Strategic Plan


To enable college of applied medical science to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of learning


To facilitate the next generation of teaching and learning with the use of technology at college of applied medical science


  1. To build standardized administrative system to facilitate the application of e-learning.
  2. To train human resources to be able to apply and develop e-learning systems.
  3. Ensuring modern, integrated IT environment to meet the developments of e-learning.
  4. To develop normal education programs at e-learning services to keep up with modern trends in teaching and learning.
  5. To promote the culture of e-learning at college of applied medical science


As a part of the strategic plan for eLearning at CAMS, the following goals have been set according to the vision and needs, and the Unit will work to enable people, and the department to activate good practices in order to achieve these goals:

- Goal #1: Establish “eLearning for everyone”

- Goal #2: Empower CAMS Faculty to utilize eKnowledge Resources,

- Goal #3: Leverage eLearning to Mitigate Institutional “Pain-Points,”

- Goal #4: Establish partnerships with leading international universities, and

- Goal #5: Advance Innovation and Entrepreneurship.