College of Applied Medical Science Celebrates the 7th Anniversary of His Majesty The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Ascension to the Throne

"In memory of the National Day, We are proud of a great country, loyal citizens, and we thank God for the security, stability and national cohesion that He has bestowed upon us. You and your fathers before you played a great role in its consolidation, looking forward to a more beautiful future with the help of our sons and daughters. May God protect our country from all harm......" "Salman bin Abdulaziz"
Importance: To resist a specific infection and strengthen the immune system, by training the immune system to create antibodies, and in view of the speed and ease of spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 and the infection of the majority of the world's population with it, the importance of this vaccine lies in protecting against the Corona virus by allowing the body to safely develop an immune response that It provides protection for the body by preventing or controlling infection, and the vaccine will allow for the lifting of bans in countries, and the reduction of social distancing and thus the return of normal life gradually.