• Coordinating the assessment and development of academic programs within the Radiological Sciences Department.

  • Preparing and revising, as necessary, academic program plans for the department.

  • Promoting and serving as a model for teaching professional achievement and professional service.

  • Overseeing all personnel matters involving academic and non-academic employees including: recruitment, appointment, re-appointment; termination and dismissal; faculty evaluation, tenure, promotion and merit; and the preparation and approval(s) of faculty workload plans and long-range professional development plans.

  • Maintaining good working relationships with faculty and administration in all academic and non-academic areas.

  • Communicating effectively with various constituencies within the University, surrounding community and government agencies.

  • Maintaining effective communication between students, faculty and Chairs within the department and with other academic unit personnel.

  • Serving as a liaison with relevant professional associations and state and national regulatory and accrediting agencies.

  • Ensuring that departmental policies and practices are consistent with those of the University.

  • Articulating the budgetary needs of the School/College and overseeing the allocation and expenditure of resources.

  • Coordinating the use of facilities assigned to the department.

  • Overseeing the preparation of class schedules and complying with institutional reporting requirements.

  • Providing a system of advising

  • Working with Chairs to encourage grant applications by faculty members and to prepare proposals for outside funding of special projects; and Additional responsibilities as assigned by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or President

Dr Hussain Almohiy

PhD, ADip, BSc,MSc(MI),GDM

Vice Dean of College Applied Medical Sciences &

Chairman, Department of Radiological Science

College of Applied Medical Sciences

King Khalid University

P.O. Box 9060 Abha  61431  Saudi Arabi