Because of the need to increase the number of  Saudi 
Specialists in diagnostic radiology due to the proliferation of services 
 Health in the Kingdom and diversity predicted increase, the Department 
 of Radiological Sciences   offer for students program Bachelor of radiation 
 Diagnostic, which qualifies the holder to work a job (Specialist 
 Non-physician) in any field of diagnostic radiology, such as: 
 MRI, CT scans, ultrasound, X-rays, etc.,  the study in this program followed by Quarterly system, and the duration of the study is 8 levels 
 (  includes 120 credits)  
 Full-time attendance, in addition to years of internship. And applies it 
 Council of Higher Education and the Saudi universities and regulations, especially 
 A list of tests and study all the relevant rules of the Executive 
 King Khalid University.