Faculty and Staff


Dr. Hussain Mohammed Almohiy is working as Associate Professor at Radiological Sciences Department and Vice Dean for Academics at College of Applied Medical Sciences and Chairman of the Radiology Science Department, King Khalid University Abha. He has Sixteen years of teaching experience. He has done his PhD in CT Scan Technology from Royal Melbourne University of Technology, Australia in 2012. He has presented Six award winning research paper in National and International Conferences. He has 15 research paper publications in journal of repute with high impact factor and listed in international directory. 

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Dr. Mohamed Saad eldin Mohamed Mohyeldin , PhD, is working as Assistant Professor at College of Applied Medical Science, King Khalid University, Abha , KSA. He earned his Ph.D. from Mansoura University, Egypt. His expert includes, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Physics of Medical Imaging, Radiation Protection in radiology. He has teaching the above for five years in Mansoura University. He has Published more than nine papers in reputed journals with impact factors. He has many training courses in radiation protection and medical imaging from International Atomic Energy Agency. supervised over many thesis  in medical imaging and Nuclear medicine technique.

Dr. Mohamed Adam Mohamed Professor (Assistant) in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound: He was assistant professor in Alazharie-Al-azherie University and in King Khalid university, Faculty of Applied Medical science 2012 up to date . Awarded PhD. from AAU University Sudan and Lud's SWISS. MSc – from Jurei Philadelphia USA in Collaboration with AAU (PgD)  from SUST (Sudan University of Silence and technology). His researches focus on  Medical  Diagnostic Ultrasound . He published nine papers and one Book on his field. He supervised 7 M.Sc. Students and one  PhD students .Currently involved in fourth  research project on his field.

Dr. Khalid Ibrahim Hussein graduated from university of Gezira, Sudan, in applied Physics and instrumentation; had a Master degree in 1999 from university of Surrey, UK in Medical Physics.  Awarded PhD (2009) from university of Cape Town. Worked as head department of medical physics, National Cancer Institute (NCI), University of Gezira. Participated in Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) activities; including training courses, workshops and several meetings. Participated in the development of IAEA M.Sc. education and training syllabus of medical physics specializing in radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, and diagnostic radiology for African member state (AFRA).

Mustafa Jafar Musa B.S.C, PGD, and Msc had completed his Bsc in diagnostic Radiography and M.Sc in Renal ultrasonography. Currently working as Program Coordinator for Department of Diagnostic Radiological Sciences. He is specialized in abdominal ultrasound, obs and gynae ultrasound, small parts and Doppler ultrasonography. He graduated from Sudan university of science and technology. He has 4 publications in international journals. He attend many workshops and conferences in Dubai and Sudan. He has more than 15 years of teaching, clinical and research experiences.
Mr. Saad eldeen Mohamedali Aboidriss is working as Lecturer at College of Applied Medical Science, King Khalid University, Abha. He has worked as Technical Supervisor-Health Manpower Training Institute, Abha, for 2 years. Institute Of Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Biology & Oncology (INMO) – University Of Gezira, Wad Medani, for 3 years, Radiotherapy and Nuclear medicine Dept –Radiation Isotopes Center Khartoum, Sudan, for 4 years. He earned his M.S.c of science in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Sudan University of Science &Technology. Sudan. His experted in radiotherapy devices such as linear accelerator and Cobalt60 and nuclear medicine machine, gamma camera, SPECT .He has many courses on clinical utility of nuclear medicine imaging and radiotherapy technology and radiation protection. ​

Mr.Hassan Babiker Mohammed, Lecturer at college of applied medical sciences,at King Khalid University (Abha KSA).Lecturer at Sudan University of Science and Technology college of applied medical sciences. Certificate in clinical radiology ( 3/3/1991) Diploma in education (17/5/1992) Bsc. In Diagnostic Radiology (5/2/1997. Sudan University of Science and Technology. Certificate of attending the 6th international MRI course in Riyadh armed forces Hospital K.S.A (28/10/1998). Msc. in Diagnostic Radiology (16/12/2004) Sudan University of Science and Technology, college of applied medical sciences.

Elgeili Adam Abdelgadir Yousif,  Sudanese,  M.sc Degree in Diagnosis of Medical Ultrasound Imaging, Sudan , Bachelor of Science (honors) in  Radiology Sudan . September 2011G  up to October1 2014G, Head of Academic Development and Quality Unit, July 2007 up to date, Lecturer, college of Applied Medical Sciences, Radiological Sciences Department, king Khalid University, Abha, Saudi Arabia, 1995 to1997, Radiologic Technologist, El Now teaching hospital, Sudan, October1999 to October 2004 ,Radiologic Technologist& Sonologist, KSA,  October 2004 up June 2007, Lecturer &Technical director of health manpower training Institutes group, Participated and attended many workshops and lectures.

IMAD MOHAMMED completed  BSC and MSC  in diagnostic radiography from Sudan University of Science and Technology. Currently  working as clinical instructor , I have been supervising student during clinic practical in hospitals and radiological centre in Grager and sending reports weekly to course coordinators. I have one publication  international journals.  

Dr. Salwa Hussein Nagib, Ph.D. had completed her MPT and Ph.D. in medical biophysics. Currently working as Coordinator for Department of Radiology (female section). She is Researcher working at the National institute for Standards and  Preventive Expert  - Egypt. She traveled in a Scientific training to Germany.  She has published a number of research and attended many workshops and conferences inside and outside the Kingdom. 

Azah Awad Alasmari, MSc, is working currently as a lecturer at the Radiology department, College of Applied Medical Science, King Khalid University, Abha , KSA. She earned her master degree from the University of Leeds, UK in 2012. She has teaching expereance for six years in the Radiology department, College of Applied Medical Science, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA. She has participated and attended many workshops and lectures.

Yasmeen Khalid is serving in King Khalid University, College of Applied medical Science, Department of Radiological Science, as a lecturer. Currently working as Clinical Manager for Radiology Department at Alsamir , Abha. She is expert in the area of Radiotherapy and Biomedical optics. She had Training in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), commissioning of treatment planning systems, treatments with Linear accelerator Elekta Synergy, IMRT Quality assurance (QA) tools, IMRT QA for clinical treatment plans and QA for linear accelerator in general from Universitate Klinikum Mannheim RUPRECHT-KARLS UNIVERSITY OF HEIDELBERG, GERMANY. 

Ibtisam  AbdAllah  FadulElmulla. Currently working in king Khalid University,  Applied  medical sciences and technology, radiology department, as a lecturer. She has complete MSc in Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound from Sudan. She is expert more than 10 years in radiology imaging modalities (Conventional radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, dental radiograph, Angiography, Computerize tomography), and 5 years in Ultrasound and Doppler, and has experiences in teaching for 4 years. Now she is enrolled for Philosophy Doctorate (PhD) degree in Ultrasound image modality.

Amel Ahmed Ali. Currently working in king Khalid University,  Applied medical sciences and technology, radiology department, as a lecturer. She has complete MSC degree in Diagnostic (CT- MRI) image modality from Sudan.  She is expert more than 10 years in radiology imaging modalities (Conventional radiography, fluoroscopy, Mammography, dental radiograph, Angiography, Ct and MRI, and has experiences in teaching for 8 years, in Sudan(University of Medical sciences and technology) and Saudi Arabia( Sebai institute and King Khalid university . She has experience in administration (Head of radiology department in Sebai institute –Saudi Arabia). Also she is expert in computer.

Nada Ali Al Melhi, BSc. is working currently as instructor at the Radiology department, College of Applied Medical Science, King Khalid University, Abha , KSA.