1. Graduation of national cadres to cover the market needs  in different medical branches with highly qualified responsibilities and excellence work.
  2. The acquisition of graduates with excellent knowledge, values and skills which enhance their chances in national and international markets
  3. To contribute effectively in the progress of the scientific research in the national, regional and international levels.
  4. To contribute in the continuous education and development of medical human resources, raise the efficiency  and acquisition of recent skills in the medical field.
  5. To participate in the medical planning   with other medical institutions to develop  and implement the best in health enrichment , prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.
  6. To contribute in promotion, development and support  students'  abilities and energies through non-curricular activities.
  7. To provide distinguished academic environment  which support learning and training  using all facilities and keep communication with college graduates.
  8. Apply comprehensive quality control  criteria in the college to achieve  local, regional and international accreditation.